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Outdoor Cushioned Sports Floors
REBOUND HSA CLUB - Your Tennis Advantages
The Benefits
  • Easy on the body  
  • Play longer & more often
  • Seamless - non glare
  • Reduces fatigue of muscles
  • Long lasting - recoatable & repairable
  • No wear patches in heavy play areas
  • Proven UV colour fastness
  • Less stress on joints
  • All weather temperature stabl
  • Slip resistant in the wet
  • Slow to Medium Fast ball speed
  •   Ball speed can be varied  
  • No heavy play after rain 
  • Choice of colours and combinations
    Years of wear before recoating
  • Colour scheme can be altered
  • Low maintenance - no weeds, no sand levelling, no watering, rolling or re-lining
The System:  Thickness - 5mm
        100mm 20MPA on 50mm base of bedding sand (Cure new concrete 28 days)
Asphalt           25mm on 150mm base of fine crushed (Cure new asphalt 14 to 21 days)
       Up to five (5) years            
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Rebound HSA Club is an affordable cushioned sports surface designed for your Club and for the health, well-being, safety and protection of your players, combined with Grand Slam playing characteristics..

Leading Australian Tennis Coach Tony Roche in 2007 says "Rebound Ace is the only surface on which I can play a hard three set match, with no back or leg aches, and walk off the court feeling as if I could still play another best of five".

Rebound HSA Club is a resilient cushioned polyurethane - acrylic composite surface designed to be easy on the body, while still providing a range of ball speeds from slow to medium fast, consistent ball bounce and accurate ball response.

Rebound HSA Club provides a high performance surface for professional, Club, Association, amateur or social  tennis.  The resilient cushion provides a sure comfortable feel underfoot, is easier on the body than hard court surfaces, reduces fatigue and allows you to play longer and more often.

Adobe SystemsThe acrylic Topcoat playing surface applied over the resilient Rebound Ace Cushion is a result of over 20 years experience of Australian and Overseas exterior exposure in a wide variety of climatic conditions with outstanding success unsurpassed by any other coating.