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Outdoor Un-Cushioned Sports Floors
REBOUND SYNPAVE - Your Multisports Advantages

Rebound Synpave is based on pure acrylic resins, proven by research over more than 20 years to be superior products for recreational surfaces. Rebound Synpave is colourfast, weather resistant, ultraviolet resistant and long wearing. Unlike some other finishes, Rebound Synpave has been designed with the following unique properties:

  • The finished surface has a slip resistant texture which is not diminished by constant use. Most other surfaces tend to become slippery after regular use. Rebound Synpave’s excellent grip property is retained after many years and even when the surface is wet.

  • The very high abrasion and wear resistance properties of the Rebound Synpave surface means a longer life before recoating.

Rebound Synpave is a low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing acrylic hardcourt surface which has a slip resistant texture not diminished by constant use and is suitable over either concrete or asphalt bases.  Most other surfaces tend to become slippery after regular use.  Rebound Synpave's excellent grip property is retained even when the surface is wet.  Rebound Synpave multi-purpose courts provide the benefits of a technically advanced acrylic hardcourt surface without the high cost. 

Rebound Synpave’s unrivalled choice of non-glare UV resistant colour combinations can give your courts an improved look, be more player friendly, and last longer than any other acrylic hardcourt sports surface in the marketplace.  Rebound Synpave is easily cleaned, to maintain an “as new” look.

Known for its properties as a long life hardcourt and proven performer with installations in existence for over 20 years,  you can be confident in your investment  and confident in the Rebound Ace heritage. Rebound Synpave surface will resurface existing courts and or aged asphalt eliminating often dangerous situations on a court extending the life of the original construction.