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Indoor Sports Floors

There are always winners and losers. It's up to you.
We provide sports floors from HARO.  Whichever HARO Sports Floor you select, you're sure to choose a winner.  Be it a hardwood, synthetic or portable sports floor system, HARO is the perfect solution for new buildings as well as refurbishments and renovations.

HARO Sports Hardwood Flooring Surfaces
HARO Sports engineered hardwood flooring is available in four different wood species: Oak, Canadian Maple, Beech and Ash.  The factory grading displays the natural diversity of the hardwood’s color and texture, thus giving a unique and desirable appearance.

The hardwoods Canadian Maple, Beech, Oak and Ash have been tried and tested and are approved materials for hardwood sports flooring.  These species have a high Brinnell rating and this makes them ideal wood species for sports flooring (The Brinnell Hardness Test determines the hardness of wood species). HARO’s grading procedures for these species allows them to display the natural diversity of the hardwood’s colour and texture, thus giving an unique and desirable appearance – the perfect choice for sports and multi-purpose applications.

Indoor Sports Floors should meet the following Specifications

The ability of a sports floor to absorb the shock of an impact. In this test, the athlete must not be exposed to more than 47% of the impact, when compared to a non-resilient floor.
2 Standard Deformation:
This defines the vertical deformation of the floor under load.
Specification: > 2.3mm
3 Deformation Control: The  W 500 test shows if the surface absorbs sufficient energy to counterbalance the impacts of many simultaneously movements.

Specification: < 15%
4 Coefficient of Friction:
Appropriate and uniform friction characteristics are important in sports where the athlete should be able to slide and move quickly on the surface.
Specification: 0.4 to 0.6
5 Ball Bounce:
The test measures the rebounce of a ball falling from a height of 1800 mm    (6 feet = 1.83 metres) above the sports floor in comparison to a concrete floor.
Specification: >90%
6 Behaviour Under Rolling Loads:
The test indicates the ability of the surface to withstand heavy
loads from retractable seating, portable basketball goals etc.

Specification: >1500N

Important: HARO Sports hardwood flooring has been approved for first-level competition and is used at Olympic Games and World Cups!

Haro Floors
  • Squash Court Flooring

HARO Squash floors have already been installed at at Ivory Health Club and Ikoyi Club 1938 in Nigeria. 

Melbourne 65

Melbourne Top 65
  • Indoor Multi-Sports Flooring

Stockholm 10 Top

Berlin 12

Berlin 13
  • Portable Flooring (ROME 20):

HARO is the only sports floor manufacturer worldwide to offer a FIBA approved and DIN 18032 certified portable hardwood sports floor with a special, patented interlocking system.  This floor is ideal for use in multi-purpose arenas and in professional sports.

Rome 20